Sibling Photo Assignment #4: My Hometown

Here is what we are taking photos of this week.
" Using the theme My Hometown share a set of photos of places that have been around since you were a child. " I will link the sibs' posts when they are complete. Teeters Field has had a big overhaul since I was a child, but those bleachers still stand strong on the hill.

Since I now live in my hometown of Kellogg again, I see the places that have been with me since I was a child almost every day. I decided to take pictures of buildings in Kellogg for my assignment. I noticed as I was taking photos that brick was a primary material for buildings back in the day. Many of these buildings are now being renovated, but the exteriors have really held up through weather, smelter smoke, and age. Enjoy your tour.
According to town information, the same man bought the MConnell Hotel and the Lincoln School. Both are being renovated. Word has it the hotel will be a sporting goods store.

The school is being used for a knife manufacturing business, according to town sources.
I never remember a time this building wasn't here. Go Wildcats!

Still in the same place with a new sign. 

The old sign with the fancy drink is still present at the Inland Lounge.

Lots of memories at this bowling alley, both in the alley and upstairs for many events. Word on the street is it will become a commercial bakery. Clean up was being done today.

Some parts of Bunker HIll are still intact.

Making the Staff House into a museum was a good call. Beautiful building, good use.


  1. Great update photos! Thank you!

  2. You are welcome. It is amazing how long some of these buildings have stayed erect. I hope you one day can return home and see these yourself.

  3. Hi Christy, I'm visiting from Linda's blog, where you are her featured blogger today. First, let me say that I love your blog! The Sibling Assignments are just wonderful. I wish I could get my brothers to do something like this with me, even if we were to just journal about it. What a great way to record your family history. I'm so glad I stopped by!


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