Sibling Photo Assignment #2: Coeur d' Alene River : Surprised

I gave the photo assignment again this week.
"There is nothing more useless than a sharp picture of a fuzzy concept."
                                                                     -- Ansel Adams
Pick a particular mood or feeling (cheerfulness, sadness, anger, nostalgia,mystery, suspense, starkness, tranquility, etc. ) and take a series of photos to illustrate that mood or feeling.

You can find brother Bill's photo assignment capturing images of the Brookside Gardens here.
Today when we filled the tank with gas,  loaded up the dogs, grabbed the cameras, and enjoying lunch at the Hum Dinger  I thought I was going to take tranquil pictures of the Coeur d'Alene River. Everett had never driven along the Old River Road so we meandered up the river amid rigs picking up and dropping off floaters, fishermen in boats, and campers and RVs returning home from a week-end up the river.

The theme that was created was surprise. I wasn't able to stop much to get tranquil pictures of the river because of the parked vehicles along the shores and so much traffic. I wasn't able to practice my manual settings because of time, dogs being impatient, and batteries not working right. I was pleased at what we did discover today. These pictures were not what I expected to take. I was surprised. My first surprise was the daisy field with a mountainous background along the Old River Rd. at the top of the post.

 I was surprised by two daisies, looking like twins.
 We finally found a place to turn off and we were surprised to find a small cedar grove.
 It was so cool and inviting.

 I was surprised Tucker found a piece of garbage he wanted to pick up. I love the green moss.
 I was surprised I actually caught one beautiful view of the river, without floaters or fisherman.
 I am always surprised at the beauty of the Prichard Bridge.

We did learn a lesson today. When we want to do a photo drive up the river, go during a quiet day during the week. We still enjoyed it and loved to see all the people enjoying the river whether floating or relaxing along the shore.

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  1. Beautiful photos! Makes me want to get out of the house and explore! It may be time to take a drive into the hills, which I haven't done in a very long while. :)


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