Sibling Photo Assignment #1: Summer Color

I came up with idea of adding a second project to our Sibling Assignments. Each week we will do a Sibling Photo Assignment. I want more opportunities to practice what I learned in my photography class in early April. The biggest challenge is to keep the camera on manual setting. 

Assignment #1: Summer Color. Take four pictures that depict summer to you. Focus on color by creating an arrangement of colors that are pleasing to the eye. When done we can compare colors we chose and what stood out in the arrangements taken. Brother Bill' s magnificent collection of photos were taken at the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens and the National Arboretum in D.C. You can find them here. I will post sister Carol's when it is complete.

I did a photo walk around my own front and back yard. Everything I was surrounded by depicted summer. It is my first summer season in this new house and I can't be more thrilled with the beauty of the flowers, vegetables, trees, and shrubs so far. At first I focused on the lilies and roses, but kept going back to the lush green of the leaves of vegetables and one geranium. I  love to capture textures and colors in leaves and these plants didn't disappoint today. The beautiful leaves in the top image are beet greens. 

cabbage leaves
variegated geranium leaves

swiss chard

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