Sibling Assignment #181: Retreating By Water: The Last Resort

Brother Bill gave the sibling assignment for this week. 

Write about a specific place,but NOT the Oregon Coast, that is powerful to you where there is water. Do your best to describe this place is some physical detail -- you could also include pictures! --, explain why it is powerful to you, and reflect upon the power of water as it relates to this place and to your life in general. 

I have been blessed to be surrounded by water my entire life. In my youth I swam in north Idaho lakes, floated the Coeur d'Alene River, water skied at Rose Lake, waded in Jacob's Creek, and drove often along the Spokane, Clearwater, Snake, and Columbia. Recently I discovered the Clark Fork River.  I have never  tired of the natural beauty of water whether it is in north Idaho, eastern Washington, or Montana. 

Everett and I started a tradition about ten years ago. We searched for quiet vacation rentals that we could get away either on a long week-end or that time right before school started in conjunction with our anniversary. Most of the time we were by water. My first introduction to the Clark Fork River was in August of 2013. We found a comfortable cabin The Last Resort on the river right outside of the town of Clark Fork. It was a powerful retreat at a time we needed a retreat. We had worked hard outside all summer and I was involved with school activities much of the summer. I remember arriving at the lovely cabin, knowing it was going to be perfect. The river was quiet and peaceful. The clouds were spectacular. There were no people around. We had a beautiful view from the porch.  Water has a way of helping me slow down. When I am stressed, worn out, or depressed, water has a way of bringing me around. It holds that power. A sunset sure helps also. 

There was an added bonus on this trip. We were close to a cedar grove across the border into Montana. Just as water provides a way for me to slow down, so do cedar groves. I love to wander among the shady trees with creeks trickling, and the air filled with an earthy smell. I think as you view the pictures throughout the post you will see why this was a perfect retreat for two tired people. Water has constantly reminded me to slow down and relax. I am fortunate to live close to water again in my new home.

Another added plus. The dogs loved it and I got to practice my photography.

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