Six Things I Still Love About Moving Back to My Hometown

As most of you know, in July I returned home to Kellogg, Idaho when I left my teaching career. People keep asking my if I like it, and every single time I smile and say, "Yes!" I wrote a similar post in August. Here is an update. Many  of the reasons are still the same.

For the first time in twenty years I can go grab groceries in five minutes. The days of  preplanning meals and stocking up are gone. I love it. I feel so much more creative in my cooking.

I hardly have to visit a gas station. I had a set routine when I lived in Martin Creek and commuting. I knew each Saturday it was fill up time. I keep checking my gas gauge, thinking I must be on empty. No sir... and what a money saver.

The sunsets. Everyone that lives on the west side of Kellogg knows that if the sun is out, prepare for a spectacular show of beauty as the day comes to a close.

The family is close. It has been over thirty years since I have lived in the same town as family. Not only is Mom next door, but sister Carol and family are five minutes away. I love it.

A choice of restaurants.  Again, for many this is a small thing, but to able to have food delivered, go to good restaurants close by, and have lots of choices is something we love.

 Day trips are easier. We loved our day trips in northeastern Washington, but we always had to drive quite a ways. We can be at the river, the lake, the mountains, or on the gondola in no time.

I think I will stay awhile.

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