Late Autumn Surprises: Baby Steps With New Camera

Today I decided to try out my new camera around the yard.  At first I could not get it to work. Then I removed the cap from the lens. Sheesh. Baby steps. When I was looking for subjects to photograph I walked quietly and observed first what damage had been done during the wind storm. Fortunately, that was very little. Above is a strong flowering kale that may not ever give up, even during the winter months.

Next I observed what is still thriving at this late date. As always since I have moved to my new house, I found surprises. The baby burning bush decided to burn before the leaves fell off.

 The mums I bought to dress up the porch have new buds on them. I am going to bring them in to the basement greenhouse and see what happens.

 It took a few tries with my new camera, but finally I captured this vivid purple petunia, 
still showing her stuff.
 I made a quick trip inside to practice on the African violets. Look very closely. For the first time in more than thirty years, I have a bloom ready to open.

images shot with a Nikon D3300

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