Ten Things I Love About Returning To My Hometown

At the early part of July I moved back to my hometown of Kellogg, Idaho. Any of you that have moved know that part isn't fun. It can be a lot of work when the weather is hot and there is lots of heavy furniture and tubs of holiday decor.

The transition from our house in Kettle Falls to the house we are purchasing in Kellogg has been draining also. My life has been consumed with paperwork, flood inspections, insurance research, repairs on the house in Kettle Falls, bank business, and appraisals. I am sure this will all end soon.

I do love living in Kellogg, Idaho and here are just ten reasons:

1. I live next door to my mother. 
It is so nice to check in with Mom over coffee in the morning, over the fence while we are gardening, or even by phone when we are lazy. Meals are sometimes shared and Mom outdoes herself with her signature dishes that I love to eat... like her potato salad today.

2. I live five minutes from my sister and her family.
What a joy to be able to see my sister and her family more. We can enjoy dinner in her beautiful back yard, have a movie night, or just catch up on what is going on. My nieces are gone or will soon be gone again for the school year, but it was a joy to spend time with them also.

3. People in Kellogg are friendly. 
Every place I go, people are so friendly. They go out of their way to help at stores, parking lots, and around the neighborhood. We feel so welcome here.

4. Sunsets.
This may seem a silly reason to some of you, but where I lived before we never had a sunset. The sun disappeared early behind Bangs Mountain and we missed the enjoyment of sunsets. Here they are spectacular and daily.

5. I am three minutes from a grocery store, espresso stand, and hardware store.
 During the last twenty years I have had to drive thirty minutes or more to get anything at a store. Coffee drinks were a big treat. I don't have to fill my trunk with food and paper products to last me for weeks. I can buy when I need things. Wow.... a big change.

6. Good restaurants. 
 If we choose, we can eat at a good restaurant any time of the day and only have to drive five to ten minutes. For many of you that is a given. It hasn't been for us for a long, long time. It is such a luxury now. We are enjoying it.

7. I have lifelong friends here. 
I haven't had time yet to really connect with many friends, but I love that two showed up at my door to welcome me home, many joined me up the river to celebrate our birthdays, and I have reconnected with others at places I have gone in the valley.

8. We don't have to take out a second mortgage to pay for gas.
That is an exaggeration, but I can't believe the difference in our gas bill since we relocated. We don't have to drive fifteen to thirty miles each time we went  to work, to shop, play, or eat. Awesome.

9. I get a real newspaper. 
When they stopped delivering the Spokesman Review to my rural route in Ferry County I was devastated. It is just not the same reading it online. It is a simple pleasure to wake up, make coffee, and have two real newspapers to read in the morning. Just call me Old School.

10. JEJ likes it also.
It was quite a change for my husband to make, leaving an area he had lived for many years, but he was ready for a new adventure. I am so pleased we are on this adventure together and he likes it also. We have many more adventures ahead that I will share.

Besides, where else can I be the descendant of a jackass?

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  1. I agree about the joy of living close to stores and saving on gas. We also moved closer to family but not quite that convenient. Glad you are both enjoying your relocation.


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