Sibling Assignment #166: The Toughest Day in July

Brother Bill gave the sibling assignment for this week: 
I think we'd all agree that July,2015 was a most eventful month for all three of us. Choose one day out of this memorable month and focus on it and what happened. Write about why it stands out to you as especially noteworthy. Bill's is here, Carol's is here.

In July 2015 we finished packing a house, moved six cats to a new house, cleaned a house and prepped it to sell, moved as many plants as we could, weeded, moved two dogs, bought an air conditioner, helped load U Hauls on two different occasions, sprayed for yellow jackets, hornets, and wasps,  moved to a new house, began unpacking boxes there, got the animals settled, cleaned, began washing dishes by hand, began hanging clothes on a clothesline, began searches for lost items, celebrated four birthdays, one wedding, prayed for and visited a sick son in the hospital, met up with old friends in my hometown, had a cousin visit, and celebrated a milestone birthday with the Class of '73.

I could add more to the list which landed me back to Kellogg next door to my mother. The week we were packing and moving was the hottest early July I remember. One day it was 105 degrees. Lots of water was drunk and we were thankful for the AC and wasp spray at the Martin Creek house. 

Moving day July 6th was memorable because of  how the family worked as a team in hot, hot weather to pack a U Haul, two cards, and pick up with what was most important. I am so thankful for Everett, Paul, Carol, Bill and Molly. 

The day  that stuck out the most to me was July 8th. We couldn't fit everything in the first U Haul. We had lots of outdoor items and garage items that didn't fit. We all wanted to rest, but planned another trip to Martin Creek. Bill volunteered to travel with Everett and me to get another load. 

We knew it would be hot. We knew there would be lots of heavy items, and they would be loaded into a hot, stuffy trailer. But you know what?  We didn't slow down. We decided to do it.  Bill followed us in my car, we stopped and got a U Haul trailer, and we were back at it. 

Bill was instrumental in keeping a workable pace with Everett. Neither of them felt pushed so they took rests, pulled lawn chairs right up to the AC in the living room,  drank water, drank ice tea, told funny stories, and ate snacks,  Doing a job like this is tough when you are thirty, but we are seniors now.  We aren't used to heavy lifting. We aren't used to the hot temperatures while working. A big cupboard from the garage was moved, a table saw was loaded, more garden furniture was arranged, wasps were sprayed each time we hit a nest, and the blistering sun never went away. I swept and cleaned and moved outdoor decor.  We filled the trailer, the back of the pickup, and the back of  the car.  Bill kept the atmosphere upbeat and took care in our well-being. Nobody complained. We just worked.
We left Martin Creek that day feeling  accomplished.  We were hot and tired, but we smiled and waved and off we went for Kellogg. A cold drink from the fountain at Chevron never tasted better. The hanging flowers I wanted in Colville fit in the last open space in the back seat. We followed Everett and his load in case he needed a break. Everett suffered from cramps in his hands along the way, so we again took a rest and cooled down, but we prevailed. 
As we enjoyed the cool northern Idaho evening, I felt love and thankfulness for my brother Bill. He traveled across the states to be with us and help, he kept the whole moving experience upbeat, he never slowed down, he never complained, and he helped us persevere.  Thank you brother Bill from the bottom of my heart.

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