Sibling Assignment #163: A Room With a View

Since Carol is taking an online photography class, let's do an exercise together.  

1.  Read this article:  here
2.  Make yourself pause, look, and see and create a well-composed picture following the instruction of Bobby Baker.  In other words, keep the picture simple.  
3.  Write a paragraph about your experience doing this. 
When my two siblings have posted theirs, I will link them.

I really loved the article brother Bill had us read for this assignment. During a hectic time of preparing for a moving sale, packing, teaching, and house showing this exercise caused me to take a deep breath and just see a room in my house from a simple perspective.

The room we like to call The Annie Room once was a breezeway connecting the main house to the extra bedroom and garage. Everett decided to enclose it to make a room that was filled with light, music, and heat in the winter. Our dog Annie loves this room, thus the name. One goal we had with this house was to grow ivy that covered the wall outside The Annie Room. As you can see from the picture, we accomplished this.

About this photo... I love the way the ivy glows in the morning sun. The door provides light and a view of our favorite climbing rose. What struck me the most was the beautiful combination of colors and how the green, yellow, brown all complement each other.  The dash of eggplant purple catches the eye on the pillow. 

I look forward to creating another Annie Room in our new dwelling.

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