Sibling Assignment #157: The Pinterest Friends I Have Never Met

Brother Bill gave the sibling assignment this week. "Write a piece about Pinterest.  What do you value about Pinterest?  How has it made a difference in your life?  Can you tell a story about a particular thing you did at a particular time that went really well because you are a part of Pinterest?  On the flip side, is there anything about Pinterest that disappoints you?  " I will link the siblings' posts when they are posted.

When I began blogging I was soon connected with a circle of friends that shared common interests. One had taught in my same school, but moved on before I met her. We share interests in recipes, decor, photography, and life in general in eastern Washington. Another also grew up in another part of Idaho and we learned we shared a love for vintage art, photography, writing, and blogging. Another moved from Oregon and we love to share books we love and recipes. Another teaches like me and has moved to the west recently and we share the love of literature, teaching, family, and photography. There were northern Idaho friends.  There are more online friends that share similar interests. The other common thread with all these women is we have never met. 

We met as blogging buddies, but now we are on Pinterest together. This is one thing I love about Pinterest. Not only do I have another way of connecting with all these online friends, but I learn more about what they like in the world of Pinterest. When any of the members of  this group of friends posts a recipe, book they have read, or a home decor idea I jump right on it because I know I will like it. I repin what they pin. This has been one joy of Pinterest.

 It has been my dream that one day I could meet all these friends face to face. They have inspired me, challenged me, and made me think. They have shared recipes, tips for the home, photography inspiration, and book recommendations. They had been there as kindred spirits and I have often appreciated them and needed them. 

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  1. I re-pin when I see your faves appear or read more about a subject I saw on your blog for the same reason you gave. . .I know if you like it I will too. Its been my pleasure to 'know' you these several years and I love it when I see a pic of your luscious garden in the summer. You keep me somehow grounded to my Idaho and knowing where you teach gives me hope. Thanks, Christy!


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