Sibling Assignment #155:My Corner of the World

I gave the sibling assignment this week. You find Carol's here and Bill's here. My corner of the world is a beautiful one. Growing up I never traveled north of Spokane on Highway 395. It was not until I interviewed for a job in Inchelium the summer of 1994 that I saw any part of northeastern Washington. Discovering all of it has been pleasant surprise after pleasant surprise.

My corner of the world has a milder climate because we sit close to Lake Roosevelt. Because of the mild climate orchards surround the lake on both sides. In my corner of the world you can find lakes, rivers, streams, evergreens, waterfalls, and amazing views. I have discovered more than I ever expected.

My corner of the world brings the beauty of four seasons. I still love autumn the best, but each season has its own beauty. Today  the winter morning with the foggy mist and sun shining through was pretty.  When spring wildflowers bloom along the back roads there is nothing nicer. The clean lakes shimmering blue in the summer provide an invitation to jump in. Autumn shows a whole palette of new colors with orange, red, and yellow dominating.  Sunrises and sunsets are spectacular.
My corner of the world is quiet. We don't have a lot of traffic. You can visit lakes, campgrounds, and  streams nearby and not be overun with people. At night we may hear a dog or two bark or the coyotes further away, but mostly it is the sound of silence. So peaceful.

My corner of the world has helped me heal. The beautiful surroundings,wood fires, the changing seasons, and the quiet space have provided a place for me to fix a broken heart, grieve in quiet, fall in love again, enjoy Sunday drives, and read and write. I can even ride a free ferry.

I love my corner of the world.

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