Good Morning 2015! Reorganizing Myself

At the beginning of the year  I reorganize myself . I start lists, visit my favorite organizing sites, and start fresh.  As I moved from autumn into winter I left behind my good intentions. I stopped doing my photo challenge, I didn't write on my blog as much, I didn't schedule in time for personal writing, and over the holidays I enjoyd comfort food, I enjoyed it too much.

I now reorganize myself. I am beginning the Capture Your 2015 Photo Challenge again. I really loved doing it last year. If you want more information on it you can find it here. Doing this challenge was a fun way to look for photo opportunities, but it also gave me a community of other photographers that inspired me on Facebook. I am a day behind. The first day was "Good Morning 2015". My photo is the one at the top of the blog post. It is a picture from the front yard of my childhood home. What a beautiful view of mountains. Actually it was taken later in the day, but that is okay.

Today the challenge is "Think Over". It has been perfect winter break to think over opportunities available to me as I begin a new year. Here is my photo for today. My siblings and I met over break and left our conversation with much to think over. We are going to begin our sibling writing assignments again, so those of you that followed our blogs in the past... they are coming back.

My brother does "Three Beautiful Things" and my sister has started "Blessings" as a theme for a post each day on their blogs. I am thinking of what I want to do to get myself blogging again more consistently. Again...right now I am at the thinking phase.

The air outside is frigid. The fire is warm inside and the skies through the window are breathtakingly beautiful. I greet 2015 with anticipation!

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  1. Looking forward to reading more posts from you and seeing more of your photos. We are on parallel paths it seems! Happy 2015


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