A significant year? Not today. I have done 1935 posts on this blog. When I have some extra time, it is  always a pleasure to relive my last seven years of blogging. If a teacher chose to use my blog to teach universal themes to a group of students they would get it.  Themes that reoccur over and over are love for family, simplicity, hope,humor,growing up,memories, change, and love.
As I prepare to return to my childhood home tomorrow there will be subtle changes. As we have grown older the tempo of Christmas has slowed down and it is more about quality time in conversations than ripping and tearing presents. It is more about a simple meal than an elaborate feast. Fewer visitors will stop and bring goodies or raise a glass of cheer.

Tomorrow I will also see rituals that have stood the test of time at 516 W. Cameron. Brandy soaked fruitcake, Nuts and Bolts, popcorn balls, spritz, Seven Layer cookies, hot buttered rum, eggnog, elves on the kitchen shelf, angels attached to house plants, Christmas sweatshirts, traditional ornaments, and angel chimes.

This year I want to hit the pause button. I want to take it all in slowly, savoring the smells, tastes, and sounds. I want to have cherished conversations, belly laughs, and as always... the anticipation of some Christmas disaster to occur.

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