Thanksgiving is More Than Food

 When you ask people about Thanksgiving memories, food is often mentioned. Pumpkin pie comes up every time I ask students about their holiday meal  Today on the radio I heard them talking about cornmeal dressing and green bean casserole. I have lived through many a Thanksgiving and never made either of these said dishes. There are many more though that have made our family table.
Growing up it seemed like Thanksgiving was all about football games with the men huddling and yelling  in the front room and women bustling around in the kitchen preparing food. That worked for me. I didn't watch the games and wasn't asked to help in the kitchen. That gave me many hours of album listening, solving teenage problems, and gossiping with my friend J.T.

Nowadays  the Thanksgiving holiday is more about fellowship. The food is planned ahead so there is time to enjoy the company of family. I like it when it is more relaxed and the day is filled with time to visit, share, reminisce, and enjoy like activities together.
We will cook together, drink together, and clean up together, but I don't want everyone exhausted and ready to go to bed right after dinner. I know Thanksgiving is just a date on the calendar. We can celebrate and be thankful any other time of the year. It is nice though to have this day in November to pause and be grateful.

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