Moving Outside to Inside

 From March to early November I love to surround myself with new soil, spring bulbs,  flowers, vegetables, blooming trees, changing seasons, hummingbirds, the rooster crowing at daybreak, and the harvest of flowers, fruit, and vegetables.

Then the weather turns cold, snow begins to fall on the ground, and everything changes. By November I am ready to move from the outside to the inside. The last three days I surrounded myself with the warmth of the fire and did necessary tasks that needed to be done inside. I also made time to can tomato sauce, reorganize my clothes closet for winter, and find space in the "food closet" to put up the food we have canned. I organized my books and decided to part with a few. I found the bottom of my desk in my space off the kitchen. 

I also rested and could feel my body move into hibernation. It is time for more sleep, warm soups, comfort food, hot coffee, amber drinks, wool socks, and sweaters. The cats are moving in from outside and the garage. The dogs have claimed spots in front of the fire. We have a shed full of wood. I have enough books to read until spring. We are ready, but I will still take time to watch the rest of the leaves turn.

 "Even if something is left undone, everyone must take time to sit still and watch the leaves turn."
-  Elizabeth Lawrence

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  1. Beautiful post. It made me feel happy and relaxed!


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