Food, Family, and Traditions : Student Point of View

Somehow during my 7th grade class today we got on the subject of Thanksgiving dinners. It opened this amazing dialogue with my students about Thanksgiving, family time, traditions, and what they really love about holidays. One student said, " We should survey everyone and find out their favorite  family dishes at Thanksgiving".
It reminded me of what I center on all the time on "Gathering Around the Table". What better way to bring families together than with food, fellowship, and tradition. I think most of my students love Thanksgiving even more that Christmas when it comes to the food part. It was close to lunch and my stomach was grumbling as various students described Grandma's turkey, the best side dishes by an auntie, pies that they love to eat, and traditions that continue to be carried on.

I really love Thanksgiving and am so blessed that my mom and brother can celebrate it with us this year. I know I should learn more from Mom when it comes to stuffing a turkey, making the dressing, perfecting pie crusts, and baking perfect rolls. My problem is I just want her to do it the way it has always been done. That is a tradition I love.

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