August Funk or Perhaps Respectability

"Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability."
                                                                       -  Sam Keen

The people who know me well know that the hot summer season is not my favorite time of year. It seems silly for someone that loves to grow flowers, enjoys canning and preserving our garden harvest, and also has a bit of time off before returning to school. I have worked  hard at embracing August but plants wither, wildfires burn, power goes off, air fills with smoke and this year I fell into a funk.

Perhaps it was being dehydrated, maybe I have some unknown sleeping sickness, or perhaps I am just lazy. I am in a hot summer coma. I want to take naps, sleep in, rest, and stare. You get the picture.

 Fortunately I have pulled myself out of the coma to capture images of the beauty that surrounds my funkiness. The weather is below 90 degrees today so I think I will survive. I feel energy moving through my limp veins.

I do love the quote though. I think of it now as respectable laziness.

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