1,915 Blog Posts Later: A Makeover

The sweltering heat kept me inside during the afternoon hours today. I cooled down the house and revisited, revised, and spruced up my blog. It was fun to do a makeover. I purchased a template from Etsy and the designer was patient with my questions about links, buttons, and html. I was so concerned I was going to erase everything. The number 1,915 is the number of posts I have written since February of 2007. After all my work today they are still here.I had fun revisiting photos I have posted through the years. I selected some favorites to add to this post.

  I discovered many blogs I had never read before also today. As I blogsearched around the web I loved seeing how other people arranged their blogs, used photos,and shared information. I really enjoyed studying food photography. Bloggers with a focus of food can take a frozen ice cream bar or a bowl of cereal and make it look suitable for framing.

I still practice food photography, but I have a lot to learn. I want to return to carving out time for reading others' blogs. I discovered lots good writing today and hope to return to those blogs In the next few weeks I will share  some of the blogs I stumbled across today.You can see some of them on the right sidebar.

 Now I need feedback. How does the blog makeover look? What works for you? What needs fine tuning?


  1. It does look so crisp and new and fresh. Great job!

  2. Thanks LInda. I appreciate your feedback.

  3. I love keeping in touch through your blog and facebook.


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