The Gift of a Day

I am so pleased my sister and her friend are here having a retreat. It has allowed me to stop, slow down, and let my creativity flow also today. What a perfect way to greet the first day of summer.

With perfect weather of sunshine and a little breeze Carol has already taken a series of photographs, done some reading, and began a new journal. Her friend is ready to set up a blog today with some assistance from me. In a conversation today we were saying how just a day like today is what women sometimes need. Whether a wife, mother,widow, girlfriend, sister, single woman, or friend women need  time to call their own.

In preparation for this retreat I have been exploring poetry on the subject. Here are perfect words to share today.
Women's Retreat
And so it is
good and right
to laugh and sing
in the dark

Travel away
and come back stronger
living how we were
meant to live

In friendship
In community

To walk our path
with other women
never alone

To journey at night
arm in arm
and come upon
all our poems
Set in circles
lit by candles

To place a prayer shawl
knit in grace
placed by grace
We are the threads
gathered by holy hands

by Sue Kunitz

Published in The Caller (November 2007)
a Mount Calvary Lutheran Church publication
©2007 Sue Kunitz

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