The Forest Calls My Name

A year ago today we invested in a used-but-perfect for us Winnebago. That day was a trip meant to be. On Craig's List we found kittens that needed to be rescued and a Winnebago that was looking for a home in the same area. We traveled to Newport to get the RV and Diamond Lake to rescue the kittens.

The forest is now calling my name. We haven't been camping yet this year. Week-ends have been filled with other events including a wedding, a graduation, and a time to rest and recuperate at home. This week we are getting ready to begin our camping season. Someone last year asked me, "What do you do all that time when you are camping? " I rest, read, take pictures, hike, join Everett in a walk with the dogs, eat, sleep, sit by a fire, and do it all again. Bliss.
I know I live in a place many people  love to come and rest and retreat. I love my home also, but sometimes I just need to leave the floors that need cleaning, the room that needs organizing, the weeds that need pulling and take up residence in a campground in the woods, by a creek, or near the lake.
I think at the end of this week we will head up to Sherman Pass to a favorite campground near the top. It is quiet, there are great hiking trails, it will be a bit cooler, and the dogs can run a bit more free. I feel more relaxed just thinking about it!

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