Two Word Essay: Tundra Swans

After traveling the International Selkirk Loop in Janurary we were intrigued with the whole loop. We made a decision to take a trip to somewhere in the loop each month. After reading more information, the tundra swan migration at Callispell Lake caught my eye. Calispell Lake is near Cusick and Usk Washington.

 The lake is surrounded by marshlands that attract tundra swans, all kinds of ducks and geese, and other wildlife during different parts of the year.
The challenge is finding a place to get close to the birds. Most of the lake is surrounded by farm land and lots of No Trespassing signs. We did find a few spots to get closer to the birds, but I relied on my zoom len and tripod most of the time.

When I researched about the tundra swans I learned how noisy it would be. When you have that many swans in an area like this, it is loud. They are a noisy bunch of birds.
I I loved how the different types of bird hung out together. They seemed to enjoy this place to rest as they migrated to their next location. The whole area we explored today was not full of people. It was serene except the honking of the birds. It was a place I would like to return to.
For more information on the International Selkirk Loop go here.

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