The International Selkirk Loop: Connie's Cafe in Sandpoint

 The International Selkirk Loop has been called " one of the top ten scenic destinations in the Northern Rockies". I agree. I live on a side trip of the Selkirk Loop and recently when we traveled to Sandpoint and Bonner's Ferry we read brochures about all the places you can visit on this loop.

We made a decision that day  to visit a part of the Selkirk Loop each month. On Janurar we enjoyed the beauty of Bonner's Ferry, Sandpoint, and Priest River.

One of the surprises of our trip was Connie's Cafe in Sandpoint. When I was growing up in Kellogg, Connie's Cafe was well-known in our parts. When sports teams traveled in that area, they always got to stop at Connie's Cafe. I heard stories of the great food, but never got to visit the cafe.

Connie's Cafe changed hands, closed for awhile, but now has new owners. We had breakfast there on our trip and really loved the diner atmosphere. The decor was perfect and the food was amazing. It is part of the La Quinta Hotel in Sandpoint, so it made sense to try it since we were staying there . We want to return to try lunch or dinner.

If you are interested in more information on the International Selkirk Loop you can go here:

In February we traveled the Canadian part of the loop. Next we want to observe the tundra swans in Cusick and Usk in March.

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