Remember December: White Christmas

This month I hope to share a post each day that brings to light memories of the Christmas season. So many parts of the celebration of Christmas hold dear memories: family gatherings, foods, music, traditions, gifts, and friends. December is always a time to remember for me. The images seem more vivid, the smells more fragrant, the sounds more full and harmonious.

There are so many songs that conjure up memories of Christmas. In our house it was Bing Crosby and his rendition of "White Christmas". I don't know why. I am sure Dad loved him because he was local to Spokane. He was Dad's kind of guy. I have never seen "Holiday Inn", but  I know there were so many times we saw the second film "White Christmas" when Bing performed this song. I grew up believing that Christmas just couldn't be right without snow. How would Santa pull his sleigh?

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