Remember December: Baby, It's Cold Outside

I have often written about the beauty I find in living with four seasons. There are rituals attached to each of the seasons, especially if you live in the country. Even though winter, according to the calendar, isn't upon us yet, it looks and feels like winter. Tonight it is supposed to be down to below ten degrees. By Friday down to minus temperatures. I am blessed to have a warm house, warm clothes, and a warm car that gets me to school each day.

 I know growing up in Kellogg it got really cold also, but I never remember feeling really cold. We had a warm house  (well... maybe a chilly bedroom upstairs, but we had electric blankets) and good winter clothing. After sleigh riding on Chestnut Hill I do remember coming home cold, only because I was wet. Mom believed in wearing layers before L.L. Bean made it a business and what I do remember are times I could hardly walk because of socks, leotards, pants, and snow pants I had piled on. We never left the house without a hat and mittens.

I warned my students yesterday the shorts may have to go by the end of the week. I also suggested that some may need to wear a coat instead of the usual sweatshirt. I know these students have lots of heavy clothes as they hunt and snowmobile the cold land of the reservation. They just leave them home on school days. "We never get cold!" they exclaim.

Today the faucets got covered, the hoses wrapped up, the hydrants got insulated, and the leaves remain on the ground to protect all our plants. The cats are moving in, the firewood is stacked, and the heaters are ready in the greenhouse. Winter is a time to be prepared also.

December is also a time of beauty. Some of my best photos have been taken in the cold months.

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