2013 Favorite Images: Month by Month

 I have spent time recently reorganizing photos, rereading posts, revisiting calendars, and reflecting on the last year. I saw some beautiful places in 2013. I captured some favorite photos in 2013. We spent quiet time close to home also which I really enjoyed. It was hard to do, but here are some of the favorite images of the year. The one above is a lovely flower at the Gaiser Conservatory at Manito Park last January.
 February found us around the fire in the gazebo.
 I love this image in March. Two of my students Stan and Kobe competed in a three-legged race. The weather was warm and I loved how the students enjoyed simple fun outside on the field.
 Nothing lovelier in April then the flowering plum tree.
  I love this image of my student Hannah Blackcrow before our school pow wow.
 A visit to a friend Jane's house provided this lovely blooming tree image.
 Our class reunion was a high point of the year. I was so pleased to capure an image of two of my oldest friends Kathy and Gail at Mom's deck on Saturday.
 August took us on a beautiful trip to the Clark Fork River.
 I love this photo of my niece Cosette playing soccer in September. She is a energetic, spirited player.
 The middle school undefeated girls team before a game.
 The undefeated middle school boys team before a game.

 The year ended with a holiday gathering in Kellogg that included a Scottish Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas Day dinner. and brother Bill's birthday dinner. I got to spend all of it with my siblings above. This picture is brimming with happiness and good cheer. Happy New Year!

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  1. I really enjoyed your look-back over the year. One of my favorites is the last photo, of you, Bill, and Carol. Such happy faces!


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