Being Thankful: Three Traveling Partners

We always try to plan a week-end getaway on Veteran's Day week-end. It is that time after first quarter, grades, and parent conferences. It is a good week-end to take a break. For the second year I loaded up with my three traveling partners and traveled to the Methow Valley of north central Washington state and enjoyed a quiet stay at a rental cabin. We didn't really care that it was foggy and rainy. I was still able to photograph my favorite aspens.

My traveling partners were JEJ, and our dogs Shelby and Annie. We rested, read books and magazines, explored,took pictures,walked the dogs, had good food and great coffee, and slept in. I think in this photo Shelby had just seen a very large buck along the river road.
We took a drive up the Chewuck River and appreciated the beauty enhanced with a sprinkling of snow.
We stopped at a SnoPark along the river for the dogs to take a run. All I needed was my traveling partners, my Idaho Vandal coffee cozy with a cup of hot coffee, and my camera. I was set.

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