Being Thankful: Annie, Shelby and the Cat Kingdom

Yes... every day I am thankful for our dog and cat kingdom at Martin Creek Gardens . Most of the time all of them live in harmony. They provide companionship, devotion, and entertainment. All the cats were rescued or adopted. Shelby came from a famous litter on Summit Valley Rd. in Stevens County and Annie is our only registered pet.... from a great set of parents in Garfield, WA.
 Here is Lily, sister to Sweet William. She had been adopted at the feed store by our friends, but when Sherry died, we adopted the two of them.
 Annie, our springer spaniel. She loves solitude.
 Shelby, our Australian Cattle Dog ( red heeler) that loves to "be with."
 Junebug is sister to Grayson. She came from a lovely litter in Inchelium.
 Here is Grayson. When my student Victoria told me she had a litter, I had to go look. The rest is history.
 Isabelle is a loner now that she lost her brother Lucas. The litter was left out in the Colville National Forest, but a couple found them and adopted them out. We brought two home.  She is the one that loves to sneak up on our bed.
 Then there are the kittens, adopted in June. they also were left out in the Colville National Forest, but brought to an adoption group in Newport, WA. I found them online.  Meet Gracie and Winnie.
 Sweet William is a brother to Lily.
We have quite a collection of animals that each have a story. We are blessed with them every day.

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