Fall: The Favorites of October

 I have a few plants and trees that I would recommend for every fall garden. They are hardy, always put on a beautiful show of color, and are easy to grow. I worked hard to get a mix of reds, yellows, and oranges. Of course there is still green hanging in there. Here is my list:
 Burning bush is one of my favorite shrubs for the year round, but especially fall.
 You can't miss with asters. They bloom every year and each stalk is like a bouquet.
 I am loving our red maple we purchased a few years ago. You can see it from the road. Red is such a perfect color for foliage in fall.
 Every garden needs "Autumn Joy" sedum. These have spread, grown taller, bloomed, and filled up a whole flower bed the last few years.

Our native grasses are lovely in fall when the leaves turn and the top tassels turn. I can't remember what kind of grass this is, but I love it!

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