Fall: On the Streets Where I Lived

Yesterday I did a photo tour of my hometown of Kellogg, Idaho. The leaves are just starting to turn on the tree lined streets  that I remember fondly from childhood. Heading up Depot Hill  I caught an image of the McConnell Hotel, which remains similar in appearance.  I love how the wires are still hanging high on the telephone poles.
Next I sat in the alley next to Mary Pavelich's house where we often played. I reflected back to when the low stone wall was built to the side of her house. As I looked up Maple Street I wondered how tall those trees were when I was six. They always seemed to be tall. I can see why the street was named Maple.
The first home I remember looks quite a bit different on the outside,but I could still picture my brother and I sitting on the front porch with Grandma West. I would love to see the inside.
Looking down Portland Hill the vivid red and orange leaves stood out from afar.
This tree was closer to my second home I lived at on Cameron Avenue.
A fiery orange tree by Stein's Grocery.
photos were enhanced with the Picasa 1960's image processing.

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