Fall: Last Harvest of the Vegetable Garden

We only got a slight frost this week, but it was time to harvest the last of our vegetables. Our pantry shelves are overflowing with preserved foods. Our freezer is full of frozen fruits and vegetables.
It was a bountiful year. JEJ also picked all the grapes today for jam making later in the week. The winter squashes were ready to pick, and we decided to just pick the tomatoes green.
As soon as the garden is done each year we release the chickens to devour their own bounty. They also dig up grubs and find eggs of some pesky insects that would show up next year. They were in heaven today and felt a new sense of freedom.
I look forward to enjoying soups, breads, sauces, and oven dishes prepared with our own vegetables during the winter months.
The garden in August.
The garden today.
Growing a vegetable garden is definitely a worthwhile venture.Thanks JEJ for all your work!

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