Summer 2013: Camping Lessons

In the summer of 2013 we moved from a tent trailer to a used RV. Our maiden voyage to Steamboat Rock was the trip that we learned many things about the RV. We then met my family at Heyburn State Park. It sure made it easier to entertain, serve birthday dinner, and keep ice cold!! We also have loved it taking short trips close to home.
These are some lessons we learned while camping this summer:

Always keep your camera off the counter close to the sink in an RV. I accidentally placed my favorite camera in a pool of water by the sink. I did capture the image of Grand Coulee Dam on our way to  Steamboat Rock before the camera died.

Remember that lily pads do bloom at a certain time of day at Heyburn State Park... just be patient.
There is a certain style that goes hand in hand with camping.... niece Molly figured it out.
Dogs that camp together pray together.
When you celebrate your birthday while camping with the family...don't forget to invite Uncle Bill.
Most importantly.... always build a big fire.

Summer 2013: Gardening Lessons

The Summer of 2013 was summer to remember. It was filled with learning events, memory making events, family gathering events, and many smaller events that helped weave the season together. We learned many lessons while gardening this year. I think that is why we love gardening so much at our house. We can always learn.
One lesson we learned is that if you bring in manure.... everything will grow. Everett's vegetables have grown even bigger and better this year thanks to the Judd Farm manure!

Another lesson I learned was location is everything, especially with dahlias. Dahlias are a goofy flower while coming up. They look like a weed or can be hidden behind other plants. This year Everett planted them in a row right with the vegetables and they have done better than ever.
A third lesson we learned was if the fountain doesn't work, make it into a planter. Our barrel fountain started leaking mid-summer so we turned it into a series of planters. This year we just moved pots in, but I am thinking soil and  bulbs will be lovely in the spring.

 We also learned that June is not the only time roses show off their beauty. Actually, some of our roses are the most beautiful right now. If a rose doesn't produce well early in the summer, don't give up on it. Roses are always a pleasant surprise later in the summer.

Stay tuned as I share other lessons learned from the Summer of 2013.