A Sheltering Tree

 "Friendship is a sheltering tree."  ~Samuel Taylor Coleridge

A week ago I returned to my hometown to spend a week-end at my Kellogg High School Class of '73 reunion. Coleridge's quote struck a chord with me. I felt like I was under a sheltered tree all week-end. The hours spent catching up, reminiscing, solving world problems, laughing, eating, drinking, laughing more, posing for pictures, dancing, learning about families, and meeting new faces was all under a  warm, safe sheltering tree. 
My classmates and spouses were kind, caring, funny, interested, and generous.  Everyone felt safe. Everyone could have spent even more time together. I still can't believe there was people during that whole time that I never talked to. 
It was special to have teachers there. It was important to honor those in our class not with us any more. It was gracious of people to thank the committee over and over again for a job well done. Under this sheltering tree my classmates demonstrated why were are such a great group of people. 
We grew up together, learned together, and now are growing old together. I feel blessed with all the old and new connections I have with my classmates from the Class of '73.

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