Roses: Rooted in Love

Before I moved to my current house, I never grew roses. I always heard they were difficult to grow, required lots of upkeep and care, and wouldn't make it through the winters in northeastern Washington.

I am pleased I researched the growing of roses the first year I began gardening at Martin Creek. The most important thing I learned early is on is not that roses are so difficult, but it is crucial to choose roses for your area. There are so many varieties of hardy roses that have successfully found a home around our gardens. They demand the same care all plants do and give us stunning beauty, especially right now.

Between JEJ and myself we have put lots of love in our roses. Many are still growing after fifteen years. Some have gone along the wayside. Others have turned a bit wild and returned to their original red variety. I always encourage people to try roses, then rattle off some hardy shrub or floribunda roses that are always successful such as the William Baffin aboe.

As with any plant rooted in love they need rich soil, fertilizer, sun, and water. It also helps to keep the deer out of your yard!

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