It Is All About the Process

 Today I met an old friend face to face for the first time. Jane and I got connected on Facebook through my brother Bill. We share similar interests and today I met her face to face. It was like visiting with an old friend from the past.  As we toured her home, gardens, and studios today I learned that we have very similar beliefs about how we create things in our lives. She has created beautiful gardens. She has done a complete remodel of her house. She is creating a lovely gallery to display her husband James E. Hansen's sculptures. 

The two of us share a common thread. We embrace the process of what we are creating. In conversations today we both discovered it is not about creating perfect gardens that show up in magazines. It is not about reading all the books available on gardening or architecture, but it is about doing. She has put her energy into the doing and the results are all around her.

The end product is what we always strive for.... but I truly believe the learning and growing takes place in the  process. I will continue to have an awareness of that process whether it is in writing, gardening, cooking, teaching, or art.

We also both have the belief that you create a place that feels right. A place to call home. I loved the place she has created and calls home. Thanks Jane.

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