Remembering McDuff

Almost thirteen years ago our neighbors called and said they had kittens. We walked down to take a look and came home with two brothers. We named them McDuff and Finnegan. We said good-bye to Finnegan a few years ago, but McDuff has lived a full life here at The Gardens of Martin Creek. His years have included life and death of many other cats. 

He had a gentle soul, and took time to teach the new members of our cat family the ropes. He earned the nickname" The Sheriff"  because it was almost like he was on guard as he took his position on the porch or the end of the walk. We knew cat strangers tried to come on our property, but McDuff was always quick to escort them away. All the other cats loved him. He got along with all our dogs. He had a special place in his heart for my mom's cat Noel.

Even on his last dying day he laid in my lap and purred contently. It was like he was saying good-bye. Our animal family is in mourning tonight with us. It will not be the same without McDuff waking me up early in the morning as he kneads my chest as if to say, "Hey....time to feed me."


  1. I shed some tears for you and McDuff while reading this. I know you will miss him, but what joy he brought to your home!

  2. shawna11.5.13

    Oh Christy!! I'm so sorry for your loss!! Even though I never got to meet him , he was my absolute favorite, so I'm having tears for all of you as well. I had his 'twin' and had to make that tough decision a few years ago. It had been coming for awhile so we were able to spend quality time together too. I still cherish those memories. G

  3. Your written tribute is beautiful and the picture of McDuff at the top is exquisitely beautiful. I'm happy you have such a lovely picture, as well as your words, to remember him by. The other pictures are great, too, but that top one, to me, is really special.

  4. We will all miss seeing "The Sherriff" when we come and visit. I am so sorry for the loss, but what a wonderful place he will always hold in your heart. I think in my life, Lynx was like your McDuff.

  5. Mary Ann11.5.13

    What a wonderful tribute to your beautiful companion, McDuff. I'm sure he will continue to watch over his family and his memory will be one of love.

  6. How sad that McDuff is gone. Our pets are such intimate family members. They seem to understand how we feel and are always there to provide comfort and care. I'm so sorry for your loss. I think orange cats are "the best"!


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