When We Come Together As Family

The poem below reminded me of how true this is when family hasn't been together for awhile. The line I love is "it pulls around us like a drawstring, that time, when we come together." As the family gathered today to pay our last respects to my Auntie Lila, I was reminded of this poem. I love this moment with my mother and her brother Bob. They were remembering stories of childhood like it was yesterday.It was like a drawstring pulling us together.


all he would have to say is,
remember the time I came home
with a beard and Dad didn’t know me,
and we would all laugh,
Mom would say, just by your voice,
I knew your voice, and my sister
would say, the dog kept barking, and
I would say, that was the
summer I got a camera.
it pulls around us
like a drawstring, that time,
when we come together,
awkward and older,
our frayed conversations
trying to thread some memory
of each other,
one of us will only have to say,
remember the time you came home
from the bush with your beard,
and we were all easy again
with each other,
some will say how
Mom knew his voice, someone
will remember how the dog barked, I
will remember my new camera,
and we are a family again,
young and laughing on the front porch.

-Leona Gom 


  1. What a great poem (and picture of your family!). Reminds me of our family getting together. 6 sibs who are scattered now and their families, and my parents. When groups assemble it is always filled with story telling and "remembering". My hubby and I are married 2 years, and Easter he got an earful of my teen years from my sisters. So funny.


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