In Deep Thought About Happiness

What Is Happiness

What is happiness?
Such simple yet complicated word
No exact words can match it

Is it the feeling of warmth in the summer?
Is it the feeling of success?
or is it the feeling of no worries?

Nobody can actually tell what happiness is
It is such a dynamic word
Its like the wind
That is felt but not really seen

But still happiness still bugs me
Where can you find happiness?
How can you be happy?

Such questions going through my mind
Maybe happiness is just within us
Maybe happiness is like a fairy
Stuck in out heart wanting to get out

How could you tell you found happiness?
Some people say you found happiness
When you feel light as a feather
Maybe that is true happiness

I can never really tell what it is
But I think I found happiness
Happiness within me 

I have been thinking about the term happiness quite a bit lately. Coincidentally my brother has been exploring the same term on his blog.  You can find his here  and here.  I think everyone has that desire to be happy all the time. I suffer from clinical depression and I have struggled the last few months to find happiness. Usually I am not bothered by seasonal sadness, but something grabbed on to me this winter. That doesn't mean there weren't times of happiness. Walks along Lake Roosevelt, enjoying our Zags on TV, creating bouquets from store bought flowers, finding a rose that survived winter, or savoring that first cup of coffee on Saturday morning. These moments define happiness
My husband and I had a long discussion about happiness a few days ago. What is it that makes a person truly happy? We shared some of our ideas. For us to be in the same place at the same time with the dogs ( cats if we are home), cameras, good food and drink and beautiful surroundings, with concerns left behind, is happiness
 It can also be as simple as getting all the weekly shopping, chores, laundry, and tasks done and be able to relax. For me if  things aren't written down on a list, organized, and checked off I don't feel happy. I feel overwhelmed. Lately I have felt overwhelmed. Between my teaching and home responsibilities I have not been able to check off those lists and feel happy. 
I will reflect more on the poem above and other writings about happiness. I will return with more thoughts.


  1. I can really identify with this post. I appreciate you sharing about the depression, as it's something I am constantly battling. Happiness is simple, yet at times it feels so elusive. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts on it!

  2. Great post. I am now inspired to write my thoughts on happiness. I share some of your "ideas" of happiness. I'm looking forward to your next post. Thanks!


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