Part of the Fun is the Planning

I always enjoy planning Thanksgiving. Sometimes family has come to my house and as a group we have put together a fantastic feast. A few years mostly due to weather we have stayed home and done Thanksgiving by ourselves. One year we just went away for a night and had dinner out and stayed in a hotel. It was a quick rest during a busy time.

This year we are returning to my mother's house for Thanksgiving. That hasn't happened in a few years. It will just be three of us, but the planning has already been fun. How many ways can you do a turkey. Lots! One recipe I wanted to try made my mom wrinkle up her nose. "I don't like sweet things on turkey." The maple glaze idea went away. After discussing many turkey ideas, I think Mom will just do it her way, which is the all-time best. 

I can't wait to try some new side dishes to serve up with traditional potatoes and gravy. Soon I will can pear mincemeat for one of the pies. All the planning and conversations is what makes planning for the holiday meaningful. It is weeks away. I am sure Mom and I will have a few more conversations about the menu. I am sure I will check out more ideas for the dinner. Along with the big dinner, I also look forward to some quiet time during Thanksgiving break.

I am thankful for Thanksgiving.

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