Capturing Images of Childhood

I couldn't wait to return to my hometown Friday. I had a feeling the leaves would have begun turning. They had and my camera was busy all week-end.

Standing at the sidewalk of my childhood home I realized how much the trees had grown since I moved away.

Driving uptown I parked at the corner close to the first home I remembered as a child. Some of the buildings look so much the same.

As expected, the trees are much, much taller like these behind Russel's house.

I realize why autumn is my favorite season. This is what my childhood looked like.


  1. very nice, christy
    thank you for the lovely images

  2. Tom Tierney15.10.12

    Seeing your photos makes me want to be 16 again in the Kellogg of our youth, but sadly I will never be 16 again and the Kellogg of our youth is gone. So I will cherish my memories of that time, those days and that place. Thank you for the photos.

  3. Thanks Bill. It was a fun tour.
    April... I had fun taking the drive and snapping photos.
    Funny you said that Tom. I headed up the hill toward your house and almost snapped a picture right there, but a truck got in the way. I am so sentimental when I drive around our hometown also.... lots of memories for sure.


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