Reflecting on Summer

As a teacher summer ends when I return to school. No calendar that marks the first day of autumn changes my mind. Tomorrow summer is over.

I am ready for school, teaching, learning, and autumn. It was a summer of trips, finding beauty, celebrations, laughter, sadness, challenges, entertainment, good food, and quiet times.

I saw most parts of Washington state. I never went camping, but enjoyed the beauty of the Pacific Ocean and a lovely cottage rental.

 I discovered that fertilizer is a big key to beautiful  flowers. ( I always forget to fertilize.) The weather made our cycle of flowers very unpredictable this year, but I am pleased with the results.

With my siblings we traveled to parts of central Idaho I hadn't been to in over thirty years. I am proud to be born and raised in the beautiful state of Idaho.

There were birthdays, family visits, trips to the theater, dinner out, and company here. All of it was lovely.

 Now the slower days, the sleeping in, the late nights watching the stars, and the long trips are over for another year. Now I can sit back and watch the beautiful colors of autumn unfold around me when I return from school each day.


  1. Autumn, yes, my favorite time of the year here, or almost here, depending on one's perspective.Enjoy the new school year.

  2. You always appreciate the beauty all around you - so many never see it


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