My Mother's Garden

I was able to spend time last week-end working side by side with my mother in her gardens. I love the way we move seamlessly in conversation from names of plants to times of bloom to effective fertilizers.

We were quite a team. I had lower back pain and couldn't bend over. Mom had a sore hip and ankle and couldn't get around as well as usual. We played on our strengths as we planted, deadheaded, watered, weeded, and moved plants.

Every time I drive up to my childhood home I am in awe of the beauty Mom has created in the front of the house. Her plants are lush and healthy. Everything grows twice as tall at her house.

Then when I move to the back it is the same thing. We gave her this rose as a small plant a few years ago. Amazing how much it has grown.

I never get tired of the wide sky, sunlit morning, fresh air, and the scent of flowers.

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  1. Anonymous27.1.14

    You have an amazing bonding moment with your mother, Christy. This is usually what makes a beautiful garden or any form or artistry, for that matter; the attachment and the value given by the person to that particular art. I always say, horticulture is an art, and the garden is the artist's very own canvas.



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