It Takes a Village

Part of what I love about teaching is the adult learning part. Believe me, I learn new things from my students each and every day, but I don't often have time to dig into new adult learning. Today some members of our staff gathered in my classroom for a day of reexamining the teaching of reading. For me it is exciting to read and research best practices in the teaching of reading. When there is a kindergarten teacher at one end of the group and a high school English teacher at the other end and the rest of us in between,  you really get the perspective that it does "take a village to teach a child to read." Each of us plays such an important role in our small school to get a child through twelve years of education. We celebrated our successes and grappled with our opportunities for change. Tomorrow we get to do it again. I feel honored to work with the teachers I do at Inchelium.

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