Learning To Love Spring

Each of us has a favorite season. Mine has always been autumn. I love it when leaves turn brilliant red and orange. It is time for  fires in the gazebo after a slow day in the garden. Harvesting the fruit of our labor brings joy to my heart. I love returning to the ritual of school again.

I used to not like spring. As a teacher it is often the most difficult time of the school year. Many years there is s lot of rain, sometimes floods, or we get sudden summer. The house needs a spring clean, the dogs are shedding, the chickens are molting, the cats need grooming.

A few years ago I decided to change my attitude. I embraced spring. I put on a raincoat and enjoyed the rain. I cleaned the house when needed, not as a big spring clean. We found tools to remove aniimal hair. I prepared myself better for the last quarter of school.

I then began to carry my camera and capture the beauty of new growth, rain, sunny skies, and all that is beautiful in spring. 

I have learned to love spring.


  1. I love that shade of blue on the fence and the pots!

  2. Christy Woolum6.5.12

    It is called "Blue Iris". It is lovely. I think we may add more of it to the shutters and trim this spring.


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