Five Garden Requirements

Fifteen years ago when I began to plan my landscaping and flower gardens I knew I wanted five things. The list included lots of texture, blooms with rich color, a selection that provided flowers, fruit, or interest through all  the seasons, and I wanted blooms and foliage that provided aroma. I am slowly accomplishing this. 

Rhubarb is the first spring plant that fills an area with lush texture.

 Springtime always provides blooms rich in color because of tulips, one of my favorite bulbs. You can never have too many tulips.

One plant that provides much interest all year is the flowering plum. The blooms in early spring are breathtaking, as is the scent coming into the bedroom window. The foliage in summer is perfect for shading the house and the front garden. In fall the leaves turn a beautiful coppery color and in winter the small fruits feed the birds.

 It is the only tree we own that provides natural decor to the walk when the blooms begin to fall.

 There are two flowers that fill my nose with the scent of spring...lilacs and hyacinths. I wait for those scents all year.

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