Idaho Great Lakes

I didn't post yesterday so this would have been my National Poetry Month post for Tuesday. In the far north land Idaho lies Priest Lake. This time of year it is quiet, cold, beautiful, and without many people. My kind of time to visit the lake. I discovered a poem written by an Idaho Stateman writer and I hope I have the name of the poem right. She just called it a poem about

Great Lakes in Idaho

Up here, you hear
Or maybe
The gentle lapping of waves like a lullaby.

Fog breezes in, spreading across the lake 
Like whipped frosting.
The water, so pure. 
You can drink it.

People are scarce. And fierce.
About their land, their water.
This is their legacy.
Because here, you can dream forever.

Forests fringe these lakes like eyelashes,
While water,
Holds its breath. 
Never moving a muscle.

by Jeanne Huff


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