One Word Project: Gather

Gather is the One Word Project choice for this month at Shutter Sisters. Gather is a good word for any day. I always feel like I am gathering. I am gathering student papers, laundry, photos from online files, stuff for an photo outing, new ideas, books to read, and so much more. One of my next projects will be to gather photos and sort them in some organized fashion. In preparing for this huge project I began revisiting, revising, and redoing files on my laptop. I found a few of my favorite foodie photos to share today. The one above makes me yearn for gathering the harvest of late summer.

I can just smell the fall fruit from the orchard.

Here is my favorite salad to serve at a family dinner: Sarah's Autumn Red Salad.

An image of a refreshing huckleberry martini as we celebrated Mom's birthday in the Peacock Room.

I love to prepare and photograph warm, hardy breakfast dishes.


  1. Love the new look of your blog. The photos are wonderful, and I can't help wondering what that Huckleberry Martini tastes like. It has to be good!

  2. Christy Woolum6.3.12

    Carol ordered it last January when we spent the night at the Davenport Hotel with my mom. I think she let me sneak one sip. It was good.


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