Gather Up Winter

As the end of spring I often find myself gathering up dead leaves from spent tulips while trying not to pull up the bulbs. Gathering in summer could be flowers for a bouqet, bugs off of roses, deadheads off of geraniums, or fruit off a tree in the orchard. Autumn is the queen gathering season. Leaves are gathered, the last tomatoes before the frost, eggs before the chickens begin molting, and the last of the garden vegetables. 


What do we gather up in winter? The last of the holly that was in the pot for decoration? The Christmas lights that still haven't come down? The little items that were dropped and lost in the snow during the long winter months perhaps?

I do gather photos. Winter photos are a challenge. The days are darker. Snow sometimes doesn't look very pretty. As my husband loves to say, " You see one snow covered've seen them all." I gathered a collection of my favorite winter photos as spring looms in the horizon. 

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