My Leap into Photography

I have been doing that dreaded task of sorting digital photos on the computer. When the project begins I always ask myself why I didn't label better, sort sooner, back up on discs more often, and safe so many images of the same subject. It is what it is. This was an early photo above at French Rock on Lake Roosevelt.

The upside of doing this task is to revisit the history of my digital photo files. I always loved taking photos with my old 35mm. I don't know how I afforded the film and developing. Then there were all those double pictures that sounded like a good idea at the time.

When I got my first digital camera I just started pointing and shooting. As a beginning photographer I spent more time examining what I liked about pictures rather than reading how-to books. I just kept taking lots of photos. Above is an early bouquet picture.

What I love about digital photos is how technology creates a timeline of your life events. With film cameras and photos they needed to go into an album or were sorted into photo boxes. The digital format is already done. Dates are there, order is established. In April of 2007 Everett create the room we now call Annie's room.

I think I have taken more photos of flowers than anything else. Flowers are always around me so that makes sense. Only two people live in my house so I don't get to experiment as much with people. I love photographing my students, but also want to protect their privacy. 

Events are remembered, trips documented, hikes recorded, a view from the porch framed. I love traveling through my photography timeline. 

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