Extreme Home Office Makeover

After Christmas I got the declutter, organization, redo bug. I knew I wanted to change how my home office was orgainzed. Thanks to Pinterest I began to get motivated with pins and more pins on my Home Office Inspiration Board. These ideas, plus books and magazine articles I read put the plan in motion. I didn't want to spend much money, but wanted a new look. The pink had to go. 

I first posted about the makeover here.

The walls were a light apricot color and I decided to keep those. I found a palette of colors that worked for me including browns and greens. Then I pulled together what I already had, brought in some shelves from other rooms, used some spray paint, reorgnized, brought in some accesories, and moved some furniture around. Above was an old shoe holder I used to have at school for student cubbies. Now it is repainted and holds items so I can find them!!

This was a pretty inexpensive change.

I did purchase the white cubbies and shelves from Lowe's. I love the way the green and white go with the walls. One of my own framed photos fit in also.

I added a little pop!

I found files for each month that I love!

I pulled together things from other rooms.

The shelves starting filling up.

Here is the end result.

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