Beginnings: Taming the To-Do List



As I begin a new year I decided to reevaluate my organizational style. Sometimes I am really orgainzed, then other times things just fall apart. Does this sound familiar? I just finished reading the book How Did I Get So Busy?  by Valorie Burton.It was a timely read right at the start of the new year. The book provided me with reasons to reflect on my own time and priorities.

The section that really hit home yesterday (confession... I was reading while waiting on jury duty) was the one titled " Tame Your To-Do List." One idea just put me shock. She suggested operating without a to-do list for a week. The author felt like too many people have long lists that never get done. The list is too overwhelming. She suggests to focus on simple tasks that need to be done for a week without making a list. Scary, scary. I always have a list. This will be new territory for me. I think I will give it a try. I just hope I don't forget to go to school or take my coffee in the morning!!

photo looking toward White Mountain, Highway 20, northeastern Washington state


  1. That's an interesting idea. I'm a "list person" who never seems to get my lists completed. I may have to give this a try!

  2. Christy Woolum9.1.12

    I only hope I don't forget to go to school or something!!


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